My Green Cauldron



soul-cation retreat 2016 Lake Michigan

standing on the edge

watching the waves come to shore

the water is cool

My Autumn Altar


Altar for November

This is the altar i have prepared for Autumn. as the leaves fall i have collected colorful ones from around my property, there is are other elements that represent autumn to me, apples (we are surrounded by orchards), seeds from the wild plants and ones we have saved from the garden, poke-berries and milkweed fluff. this is a sacred space and the  crystals hold my intentions for the altar. it is here that i meditate, journal, and plan.

do you have an altar or sacred space? what important things are there for you?

My current read

I am finding this book very interesting.  The history of women from alternative sources (you won’t find this info in history class).

Any one else read this?  What are your thoughts?  I’d love to chat about it!

Autumn Haiku

it’s my favorite time of year and to celebrate it i have written a Haiku.

Cold wind blows stronger

Leaves twirl and dance to the ground

Autumn has arrived


The five sisters. My favorite tree.

Oh the waiting…..

The official launch of this site is coming!!

For any questions please contact me!


Until then here is a cute little mushroom!