My Green Cauldron

Why My Green Cauldron?

Why My Green Cauldron?

I have had questions about the name I have chosen for my business. I always believe names are important. There is a lot attached to words and names. We all carry some sort of association with them, good and bad. When I first started thinking about starting a business one of the first things I did, besides contemplating the type of business, was think about the name. I really needed something that could encompass all that I love to do, something that could follow me on my journey following my passions. That left out names that would specifically name a product type, like Lovely Lotions, or a location, like Greenville Garden Gal. I wanted something that would be identified with me and my likes, gardening, food, self-care, and foraging, uses for herbs and weeds, recipes…well you get the idea. I knew that I wanted the name to have an earthy/plant feel, but nothing too…. specific. It just so happens that I love green and I always associate it with plants and nature, prosperity and success, but I couldn’t just call my business Green…. well I could but it felt incomplete. As I wrote down all my passions to see what the commonality was I started thinking it would be great to just have a big file or pile or bag or container I could place all these passions in. I began thinking about food and cooking…. probably because I was hungry wishing I could just cook something up, then it hit me. Like an epiphany, I just blurted out “GREEN CAULDRON”! It was perfect, well almost. When I started looking on-line to see if or how others were using green cauldron I found that there is an amazing place in Australia called Green Cauldron. It looked beautiful and someday I hope that I can see it in person, BUT that also meant that green cauldron as a web page was already taken. OY! Back to the drawing board. BUT I LOVED the name. So, after a bit of a break and some time thinking and writing it dawned on me. Add MY to it, because after all it was a cauldron of MY passions and dreams, MY art and thoughts. BAM!! There it was, My Green Cauldron! This name just fits and feels so right, comfortable, and me! From there I can base the rest of the business from this amazing starting point.

I do have to add that from the day I came up with the name cauldrons have started to appear everywhere for me. My boys spot them any time we are out. I have even been gifted a large cast iron cauldron. To say that I picked a good name would really be an understatement, I believe I have found the exactly right and perfect name.

My Green Cauldron

Aebleskivers, a Danish tradition

Hi All!! I am excited to share this experience with you! The community i live in has a Danish festival every year, it’s the one Big thing the city does. People from all over visit our city then for all the activities one can find at these sorts of places; local talent, a parade, arts and crafts show, flea market, and hot air balloons. I have to admit, we rarely go into town for the festivities, it is quite busy! One thing that we do attend every year is the open air breakfast, hosted on a week day, a couple of weeks before the actual festival. It seems more geared to us locals and it is time for our annual aebleskiver breakfast. During the festival these type of breakfast sell out early! this year we were served by Miss Danish Festival and her court, the boys were excited.

A couple of months earlier Josh had found that we had a cast iron aebleskiver pan in the garage! Really!?! My love of cast iron amazes me when things like this are found!


So as i am looking through the Guide for the Danish Festival I found a recipe for these Danish pancake balls! Sweet! Although I did make a minor adjustment to the recipe, my lack of buttermilk was not a problem!

Here is the recipe I used:

  • 4 egg yolks, reserve the whites
  • 3 T sugar
  • 1/2 t. salt
  • 2 c. buttermilk (i used 1 cup plain greek yogurt and one cup milk)
  • 2 c. flour
  • 3/4 t. nutmeg
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 1 t. baking powder
  • 1 t. vanilla, the real stuff
  • 4 egg whites, slightly beaten


Beat the egg yolks and sugar together. Add the rest of the ingredients, gently folding in the egg whites last. Grease the aeblehskiver pan with coconut oil (i found that have a little excess coconut oil in there is a good thing!), heat pan over medium heat. Fill each cup with batter and turn regularly with a wood skewer. Make sure to grease each cup before each batch in the pan. Serve warm. Traditionally served with powdered sugar, brown sugar or jam. My fellas liked them with warm maple syrup. This batch makes about 35 aeblehskivers.

Easy enough, right?!? Well….just some tips that i learned as i made these for the first time.

  1. Do not overfill the cups! You really don’t want them to overflow! This makes them hard to turn with the skewersaeeblahskeever6
  2. Make sure there is enough grease/oil in the cups! I found that you are almost frying these things in that oil and it makes them easier to turn! aeeblahskeever5
  3. Even if not perfect looking they are still very yummy!aeeblahskeever3
  4. With a little practice, you too will be cooking like a Dane! 

I hope you get a chance to check out this recipe, if you do let me know how you like it!!


Bounty from the garden

First round of green beans! Looks like I will be busy today making Dilly green beans.

Morning Yoga

morning yoga

i have been having a hard time making and maintaining am at home yoga routine. i have found it hard to get the motivation going at the times i have for the practice. i thought this morning wouldn’t be any different than any other, me avoiding the yoga mat. this morning my youngest was up early with me, so i decided to ask him if he would like to join me in a short yoga routine. he said yes. we spent 10 minutes with a balance routine and had fun together. maybe instead of trying to do this yoga thing at home ALONE i should invite the boys to join me. accountability, right?

Mushroom Logs

We finally got the mushroom logs done!! Way behind schedule, but still!

They are stacked under the apple tree. i just love seeing them there and cannot wait until the mushrooms arrive……which my be a while. Luckily i am patient.


Book Lust

i am an avid reader, usually reading a pile of books at one time.

thought i would share what i have in the pile at this moment. some are about done, some i am just starting, all have insight i am putting to use in my own life.


what are you reading? are you loving it?

Starting anew 

The bojo/journal I started at the is almost full. It will soon be time to start another but before I do there is something that needs to be done with my recipes and such that can be found inside. For the first time ever I will start a BOS. Here will be the place for the information I continually sell and use. A place for the recipes I have developed over the years (most transferred from other, older notebooks), for words of wisdom from experiences I have had, for the wishes and dreams I put out in the universe. It is not going to be my journal, I will still have one of those for the day to day work of being me.

The little red journal I found on a recent trip to Saugatuck with my hubby. Red is not usually a color I’m drawn to, but this red had an old velvet feel about it.

Do you keep a journal? How about a BOS?