My Green Cauldron

first one down

so thanksgiving has come and gone, first holiday of the season for us down. it does make for a busy time of year, so onward to the Christmas count down. i have been working on and planning for the Christmas holiday. it looks as though Santa’s workshop has exploded in my dining room.

hand of protection (haiku)


i cannot get enough of these mandalas, they truly are magical! this time i even incorporated a haiku. amazing and definitely becoming part of my journaling process.

my inner artist

I am really enjoying the mandala magic!

Perfect in imperfections.

And that’s a big thing for me.

mandala meditation


so i found an online workshop that helps you create mandalas as a form of mediation and internal work. this is the first mandala i have made for the workshop. it is a small one (i believe the paper is about 5×7) but i am loving this process. i am not sure what else that i want to share about this particular drawing but i would like to share that the woman whose workshop is starting me on this journey is Julie Gibbons and you can find her on facebook. i hope that you take some time to check her and her beautiful artwork out.

spread the love

the election is a week gone by now. many people are in terrible pain, they are afraid, scared and angry. there have been many unspeakable acts of violence occurring against any one who is different. it is sad to see the division happening again. to see the infighting about things that really make us a whole unique group of people. my heart is hurting.

many have said that it is time for a change, and i agree. what that change is and how it should happen is another point of disagreement, all change is important in all it’s manifestations. It is quite obvious that there needs to be a change of government. this is not what was intended from a republic. our governmental system is out of control and (in my eyes) one of the biggest problems in and of itself. but that is not what i want this blog post to be about. like some, i see the government as a reflection of us, who we are as a culture and society (nope i don’t care who you voted for they are a product of our cultural. in my opinion, all that is wrong with our culture.). i realize that i could hear about how we should change the system, work from within, infiltrate the system with people who believe as we do. i know that is where some place their energies and it is great. maybe you can make a difference, make you can get some changes in, but you will never beat the system. it won’t allow that.only-love-mlk

i am like many and wonder what i, as an individual can do. as i sit and watch and read what is going on around me, i realize that the great change that needs to be made in the hearts of each and every individual. if the candidates are a reflection of our society, we need to change society. how is that even done? how can we change the way that people think and feel? the answer is you can’t, not by whose in charge, not by forcing laws and regulations, not by violence and threats. (i mean really how has that been working out for us so far?). it hasn’t been. there is one sure thing that i can change. me, my heart, my actions, me.

so people of the inter-webs, i love you. as a fellow human being, i love you. and i am working as hard as i can to spread the love around. i hope you are too.


New Cards, Creatrix Activation Deck

i was out and about yesterday, coffee and lunch with a friend, a little shopping. One of the places we went was Spirit Dreams. If you are from my area you know this is the place to go for any of your spiritual needs. I found pocket stones, a book by the Dalai Lama for my mom and a new set of activation cards for me. The cards i bought are called Creatrix Anything is Possible Activation Cards by Melissa Harris. i was drawn to the beautiful artwork of the cards and although i work with tarot and runes i have never tried cards like these before. when i came home i opened them up and was wonderfully surprised. the cards are so intuitive and offer a point of focus if you find your self scattered….which who isn’t this time of year with the holidays, the election and all the other negative vibes in the air. not only do they give you a focus they also come with questions for you to dig deeper into, guiding you to find your own inner wisdom and path which to follow. i cannot wait to work more with these cards and to share them with my friends.


generosity of neighbors

our neighbors cut down over 30 trees last week, all tall old oaks. i cried. it was hard to watch and the thud was felt at my home every time they dropped huge pieces of trunk to the ground. i went around and hugged all my large old trees, telling them ┬ánot to worry and that i felt the pain too. we are not close to our neighbors, but we are not on bad terms. we just live our own lives minding our own business. a wave here, a hello there. sometimes a bag of clothes for the boys on the doorstep when they are cleaning out closets. in the midst of the tree cutting our neighbor stopped by. she reassured us that things would grow back and that it would fill in, not to worry. she was worried that the trees were to close to the house and the power lines, understandable. then she look at me and said, you kids can have all the wood in the corner of the driveway. i was astonished. there was a lot of wood, that wood would last us through a winter (not this one, but maybe the next). all we had to do was get it. hubs and i worked all weekend cutting and hauling wood. as we were working ┬áSunday night (josh with the chainsaw, me loading the trailer), she yelled across the yard, you kids are doing awesome, i’ll make sure to save the rest of the wood. you keep working at it. so each night after josh gets home from work we go and cut and haul wood. thankful for the generosity of our neighbor, who not only offered us a lot of wood, but also the neigh boor on the other side and another friend of hers. people are amazing and generous and kind.


about half of the wood given to us by our neighbor.