My Green Cauldron

Looking into Imbolc

The beginning of spring, the lambing season. everything is pregnant waiting to be brought forth. time to declutter, clean out, organize. the seed planted at winter solstice is starting to grow… can’t see it now, the work is all done in the dark, but so, very so, you will see the very beginnings of what is to come. buds grow big, the bird songs increase, the bright bright sun in gorgeous blue skies, the first scent of spring in the air.

i do have to admit that this really isn’t my favorite time. from a young age i felt this time of year was dead, about death. the dirty snow and slush, the cold biting wind, the garbage and road kill uncovered by the melting of the snow. i long for the warm breezes and the small first leaves of growth.

i am exploring those feelings of this time of year and what this time of year brings forth. Funny thing…..beginnings are always messy and dirty… is in the beginning mistakes are made. well i am bringing the light of the season into my home. the days are growing longer, i can feel the weight of winter lifting and the excitement of the new season (i MISS my garden! waiting on my seed catalogs). speaking of the garden, it is a time for dreaming! i have many plans for the garden and i can’t wait to get out there in the dirt.

Here in Michigan the weather is reminding us that the cold and snow are not done. That we can dream of spring and summer all we want but we have to find the patience in the weather we are given today. Imbolc feels like a time of patience to me….even more so htan kids waiting for Christmas presents. There is a whisper on the wind, a promise with each new day that spring is coming. That life will begin again.

Well shoot, this was suppose to be about the symbolism of the season, not some brain dump on this time of the year.

onward and upward then…..

This is the time for water, running water, melted water, the flowing nature water has. the great cleansing is coming as the water begins to move again. Released from its frozen state it is able to run free again. the gurgling and dripping adding to the music of the season. using water from a well or fresh running stream to paint with is one way to incorporate the season into your art

in a book i have ( The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock) i was reading about the tides of the year, the ebb and flow, the waning and waxing, the inward and the outward, the cycling of the year. The period between the winter solstice to the spring equinox is known as the cleansing tide. Spring Cleaning, out the old, it is the time of year for making space for the growth in the upcoming year. (Think about your cleaners now too. replace the toxic cleaners with friendly ones. for the environment of your home and for the planet).


Trees are rowan, mountain ash(Pyrus aucuparia) gives you the power to do anything, protect home and family and willow (Salix alba) helps release sadness and grief, protect your home, heal body and mind.


herbs coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) Enfolds your life in peace, promotes tranquility

ginger (Zingiber officinale) brings you great success, protect you and your home.

February, the Full Snow Moon/the Hunger Full Moon

Story of Flowers

i love this animation! how fun is this? from beginning to end it is the Story of Flowers.

Story of Flowers

Art for Imbolc

what is/ what if

practice squares to make sure i got it all.
painting with bubbles
using salt for texture
set up to do the project in my art journal
what is. the beginning of Imbolc.

Winter Solstice: part 2

Here is the other project from Julie Gibbons Alignment, Jewels in the Dark.

it’s sort of a weird winter solstice here in Michigan. our temps have been rather mild (30s-40s) and there has been very little snow.

it is not what i imagine when i talk about hibernating. although the dark hours are longer, there isn’t the layer of insulating snow or the bitter cold that would be the norm for this place.

the nights have been clear and the stars and moon and planets have been beautiful. the morning sunrise feel like they are full of fire yellows, oranges and reds, the bareness of the trees standing stark against the skies.

but no snow to speak of.

i really enjoyed this project. it reminded me very much of drawing as a kid. i did keep coming back to this and made several.

Part of the reason is that i was getting to know the tools i was using. the watercolor pencils didn’t work exactly like Julie’s (i’ll tell you it probably has something to do with quality since i picked up my at the local big box store.) once i got them figured out i really liked the mandala i made (the center one above).

i think i will be doing this again. i liked the free form, no looking part and the color in is very therapeutic, especially on those dark evenings when my mind is being to hibernate….at least for the night.

Winter Solstice: part 1, check out the other project for the Winter Solstice.

Back on the Bullet Journal Bandwagon

so i started my bujo back up. the last time i had one i really loved working in it. now i don’t use it in any sort of formal calendar sort of way (i have so many calendars) but i do like to use it for rituals, routines, and the arting. really the art and creative part is my favorite. so it is kind of an art journal (although i have a formal art journal, with heavy paper and all), a practice place, a place to try new techniques and new supplies.

so i will be sharing from my bujo. mostly the art.

do you bujo?

Winter Solstice, part one

The Beginning of Julie’s Alignment is the winter solstice. that time of year when the darkness is the longest and the sun hangs low in the sky. This year the weather is warm, balmy for Michigan, the boys outside without coats.

This is the time of the year to slow down, to deeply rest. Seems so out of sorts with the holiday season. lights, gatherings, singing…..all the things to keep the darkness at bay. i enjoy the darkness of this season also. time to hibernate, to turn deeply inward. cozy, comfy, warm, as the darkness, silence and cold encompass everything.

time to enter the darkness

after the new year begins is really when i start the slow down…..i know, the days are getting longer, the night shorter, but i am very much still moving into hibernation mode. slowing way down to allow for rest, for inner work, for art.

the first journey into art is the rising of the morning sun. here in Michigan the trees are bare of their leaves. the view usually block by green foliage is now visible. the structure, shape, form of the tree branches bared against the fiery skies.

the words are ones that i associate with this season

the triangle with the line is symbolic of the earth. the colors are of the skies and it is framed in the bare branches. i have lines for journaling, which i did after i took the photos.

working in the dark hours

Winter Solstice; part 2 Jewels in the Dark

Math and art

Having fun with my compass. I didn’t like geometry class in high school, wasn’t very good at it. I have been studying sacred geometry and I am finding geometry a lot more interesting than I ever did in high school.