My Green Cauldron

100 Day Project Day 10, Art on a Roll

here is another installation in the art on a roll. i am about to run out of room on my roll. i’m not sure what i will do, add on, start a new roll…..stop at ten?, lol!

Collage Book

Using some of the papers i created recently and some art i created a few years ago, i put together a couple of art collage books. so fun and cute. i like how things just come together during the creative work.

the colors of Beltane

walking around the property looking for the colors of the season, what colors are around me. here are some of the pictures i took. These are the color inspirations for my next art project.

100 Day Project, Day 9 Art on a Roll

i didn’t get many pictures while doing this project. it was a quick little doodle with pastels, which i have never used before….which i think i maybe in love with! lol! i have a couple of pastel works that i planned on using as backgrounds for papers but they turned out so well that i don’t want to do any more work on them. i am waiting for fixative now. i am loving all the experimenting and playing with art and art supplies.

now i have to figure out what to do with all the art i make. friends an family be warned that i may send them out to you, like Christmas cards in April/May. so what do you do with all your art? do you store it? file it away? save it for another project? mail them to unsuspecting friends and family?

100 Day Project Day 8, Art on a Roll

So here is day 8!! YAY!! this is an idea i got from the Virtual Art Summit with Kellee Wynne. i love this project (not very good at it yet. practice makes perfect!). Melissa Doty’s circle art is GORGEOUS. if you know me you know that i love circles, spirals, mandalas. i also love color, the way watercolor loves to mix and mingle. i am still learning how to control watercolor on paper so precisely. this project takes precision and control (who knew painting circles could be such a challenge!?!) but that challenge and concentrate really did help to calm my mind, giving it something to concentration. it’s fun to play with all the colors too. This is one of my new favorite things. this is definitely one of those exercises that i will use on my journey.

looks like i have more pigment on my piece of paper towel than on the gesso.

pssst….i did learn that i am not a big fan of using watercolor on gesso for this. the pigment didn’t seem to stick, the paint was super hard to control on this paper. none of it wanted to stay in it’s circle.

Inspired by Nature

this is a mash up of 2 different artist styles from the Virtual Art Summit. i really like the idea of painting on the wood. i think that the bark turned out rather well. not sure how i am feeling about the leaves. the ones i picked were quite dark, like the last picture. i haven’t added the detail work to the leaves yet, maybe that will make me like them better.

100 Day Project, Day 7

this was fun. i like working with the colors. This is from the Virtual Art Summit hosted by Kellee Wynne. this is also day 7 of my 100 day project/art on a roll. the artist whose style inspired this is Leah Nadeau.

finished piece

Inspiration, Tiny

Walking down our nature trail i am seeing bits of green poking out of the brown and tan of the leaf litter. Tiny little leaves reaching out, some of early springs best. the buds of the other plants are growing larger every day, some on the verge of bursting open. soon the show stoppers will open the blossoms in their full glory, taking all the attention. But right now i am so happy to see the tiny, enjoy the spring breezes and the first hints of green.

100 Day Challenge, Day 6 Art on a Roll

Another day in the virtual art summit. i am having such a good time and learning so many new things. i love watching all the artists work, techniques in actions, creativity flowing, humans being. one thing i have learned is this, they make it look easy! LOL! Donna Mulholand’s offering to the summit was fun. i LOVE the idea of writing intentions on the paper before you begin, another part of the journey, the ritual, the ceremony of beginning. Another piece to the spiritual connection, another tool found, another part revealed.

i do have to admit that feel very ‘eh’ about my art, the finished (or as finished as it’s going to get) piece in the 100 day challenge. i loved using a bigger brush than normal, i loved flecking paint on to the paper, i loved setting intentions……i didn’t love the way the paint was working, i wasn’t loving how the colors mixed (i used 3 primary plus white and black), i wasn’t loving the composition, the bland-ness. it was just eh. BUT i did learn some new techniques and ideas, i want to try different, better paints and i think bigger brushes are in order.