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The thing about practice is that there is always something more to practice.

Practice Practice Practice

Day 2: 5 days of Mandala Magic

Today is my birthday, another trip around the sun.

Rolling through the cycle of my life, I am finding myself very contemplative. The number of my age surprises me every time I say it.

It is interesting to see everyone in my life go through the journey of life also, how our roles have shifted.

No longer a child; I am now the mother.

My mother is now the grandmother.

My grandmother has passed onto the next journey.

It won’t be that many years when I will shift into grand-motherhood, my children into parents.

The cycle continues.

Still contemplating the Moon, it’s cycles, and what symbolism do i find within.

As I have mentioned, the Moon has always reminded me of cycles, like the cycle of my life when celebrating birthdays, monthly cycles, seasonal cycles.

During the cycle of the Moon many have found inspire, enchantment, and empowerment.

That is the message I am taking away from my art journal today.

Day 1 Mandala Magic

I am switching gears a bit with my morning art. 21 days of morning mood mandalas has wrapped up.

Julie Gibbons 5 Days of Mandala Magic has begun.

Today, in the art journaling, I followed the prompt of the moon and drew my rendition of the day’s mandala.

The Moon represents cycles to me, it’s own cycle of new moon to full, follows the pattern of much of the cycling that happens.

Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth.

I am witnessing the processing/stages of the cycle of life now.

My fellas are walking toward indepepndence and forging their way in their worlds. Now longer babies or toddlers needing constant attention, but young men wanting to strech their wings and explore more and more on their own.

I contemplate my stage of the cycle.

I am no longer a maiden.

I am past the mid point of my mother stage.

I am approaching my crone years.

WOW, my crone years are closer than my maidenhood at this point and it is mind boggling to me.

I am also witness the end of life as a family member is in the final stages of this manifestation, approaching the rebirth……

And the cycle begins again.

I am including the last of the morning mood mandalas (day 21). It very much feels as if it belongs here.

Each ending is a new beginning.

Day 19 Morning Mood Mandala

Day 19

My mood mandala is one of abundance, joy, divine love. The colors are ones I mixed a few days ago but they seemed to fit perfectly.

Red grounding moving into purple, the sign of wealth and royalty, to a indigo blue of the third eye.

All bubbling from a strong expanding foundation, burst of energy coming from the insides, form within, from my own inner energy.

Today’s message is a good one. Pentacles have been coming up a lot lately, the physical realm, this plane of existence…..craftsmanship, harvest, abundance.

It also comes with another message too, not to be envious of others harvest/abundance/winnings. I have been feeling a tad bit jealous of those achieving goals that are very similar to mine (I have somethings stopping me from pursuing those goals that involve money, time, family).

I have to remember to be patient, hone my skills, lean into my inner strength.

Abundance is waiting for me too.

My goals and dreams are not diminished in any way because others are obtaining theirs… matter how similar they are.

There is more than enough, I will flow with the divine ocean and look at things from a different point of view.

Abundance, Inner Strength, divine love

Day 18 Morning Mood Mandala

Morning Mood Mandala

My morning ritual was interrupted this morning in a good way, hubby decided to take the day off! I am a bit behind but I love that we are all home together.

I have also had some technical difficulties today, my own and from websites being down. Just going with the flow….

That is also one of the messages from my reading this morning, which were:

Go with the flow, let the wind blow, adjust your sails, get ready to go!

The practical and mundane are steps to the goal, part of the cycle of creation You reap what you sow.

Create, Create, Create! Let the Divine inspiration flow.

The path of love is the way to go!

Day 17 Morning Mood Mandala

I wasn’t really feeling it today, pretty much in a blah mood.

Morning Mood Mandala

I didn’t want to paint or draw cards, but I did.

My Cards were darker today than they have been.

The message I took is focus, focus, focus.

hit the target

Day 15 Morning Mood Mandala

Still trying to control the paint. It’s not as easy as those videos make it look.

Practice and Patience. Enjoy the process of learning, growing, stretching my boundaries.

One lesson I did take away is that you can’t take it back….

Working with black, I wanted to practice tones, dark to light. Fill your brush with paint and slowly take paint off to change the darkness….works with those little squares, lol.

In painting the mandala I found that painting dark to light really didn’t work….I should’ve built up from light to dark, because you cannot take back too much dark! You just can’t take it back to the white paper, our the lightest shade.

Same goes for life. you really can’t take things back. You can be forgiven, but it’s never back to the blank/white paper again.

So be careful with what you do and say. Practice the pause. Act with intention, not re-act out of fear.

You can’t take back words you’ve already said. Or the tears already shed. Minor things will be forgotten, but the cruelest words are never forgotten.

I didn’t know who to attribute this to, but if you do, let me know.

Things to take away from the tarot reading, the message from the Universe:

A seed takes root, stay grounded

Overflow with positivity, have an open joyful heart.

Do not take people/situations for granted. Gratitude.