My Green Cauldron


Look what popped up in the garden!


a garden

Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment within. Chinese proverb



balance. finding that place of being on an even keel, attention and energy going to the places they need to be. not too much and not too little. it is not easy. as i watch our kitten work and balance gracefully along the railing i am a bit envious at the ease in which she can find the balance. one of the things i have learned is that being firmly centered within yourself helps. knowing where energy is needed and directing it there instead of throwing it about to places where it doesn’t need to be…..those energy sucking pits we all have in our lives.

photo by erik witsoe

Following Passion

A few days ago my son was watching videos on YouTube and he had found one that showed how to make a small foundry. he was so impressed that he wanted to make one too! so He and josh gathered the materials needed (my hair-dry, really?!?) and off they went. it took them a couple days to get it built because of concrete drying and crucible making (josh had to do that at work). last night they finally made it work and melted down a bagful of soda cans (those all natural organic sodas didn’t have the usual Michigan bottle return on it). at first it wasn’t working (something with using charcoal and a crucible that was slightly too big), but once the small crucible was here and Josh pulled out the coal they were in business.

unfortunately i did not have enough foresight to take pictures during the making of the foundry, BUT i did get a couple if pictures (i can’t post the video ­čśŽ )

Ian was so happy to have made the foundry and the ‘metal corn’. i think we may have a metal worker on our hands! He has already tried out blacksmith-ing and loved it. I love that we are able to help our boys pursue their interests and passions. I’m not sure what Ian’s next project is going to be but i bet we will all have a great time helping him out!

Unleash Your Light

I am SO excited to announce this new group!! Launching July 1, this is a membership group for women to start their healing process so they in turn can shine their unique light into the world and help it heal. I would love it if you can join me and this amazing group of women (when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING). Take a minute to join the Facebook group and meet the women who will be supporting and loving you through this awesome journey into healing.

Unleash Your Light

The world will be saved by Western Women. ~ The Dalai Lama


Join us for the launch event on Facebook on July 1. Come and meet the experts to see who will be your guidance and support on this journey of love and light.

By joining the membership circle, you will receive expert advice and coaching from a holistic perspective including:

>Life & Business Coaching (including live calls)
>Holistic Health Coaching (including weekly recipes and tips)
>Ayurvedic Beauty
>Yoga Sequences from a Certified Yoga Instructor
>Spiritual Coaching
>Essential Oil Education and Recipes for Essential Oil Blends
>Reiki healings and meditations from a Reiki Master
>Coaching and Empowerment meditations from an Empath Empowerment Coach
>Education from a Certified Massage Therapist
>Exclusive Discounts from all of our Experts
>Monthly themes and book studies to aid you on your journey.
>A community of like-minded women to support, empower, and encourage each other


Teacher’s Gift Bags

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The end of the school year is fast approaching, time for those teacher’s gifts. why not give something they will love? Lovely Lotions!

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These gifts stand out from the standard teachers gifts. Lovely Lotions are amazing!

Leaf Light

Spring in Michigan is really unpredictable, through April it was warm and sunny.  May, on the other hand, is chilly and rainy (so far, mind you it is only the fourth), a big change from the weeks before. Yesterday it was warm and sunny which gave me a chance to get out in the garden and do some work. Weeding and feeding the beds are the main activities. I am harvesting asparagus and rhubarb from the garden, salad greens in the cold frame. our old apple and cherry tree are in full bloom, they smell sweet and look divine.

As the sun was the golden color of late afternoon I took my camera to the garden. The lighting was so beautiful and the young green plants were perfect.

The light from behind resulted in these amazing shots! I LOVE plants so much and the beauty of them is one reason. just look at these:

leaf light


leaf light 4


leaf light 3

blood root

leaf light 2


A walk in my own yard brings me so much joy, it gives me a connection with the divine that I have not found anywhere else. Watching the unfolding of a new leaf, the slow opening of the first spring flowers makes my heart sing. There is now where else that I would rather be than in my garden in spring.

The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations – each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony.

Ruth Bernhard