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Unleash Your Light, Brighten the World!

unleash your light circle

Hi Everyone! I have an exciting opportunity to check out this amazing group that I am part of. I share tips on eco-conscious/green living. The ladies that are part of the group are amazing and share so much wonderful information from reiki, to yoga, to branding! This is some serious BANG for your buck (the first 60 days FREE!)
I’m part of this amazing collective of WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN in Grand Rapids. In honor of #SmallBusinessSaturday, you can check it out for 60 days for FREE! You also get a coaching session with registration, complimentary workshops and so many more benefits for only $22 per month after your trial. You can cancel at any time. This circle is working to empower EVERY woman in the Grand Rapids area to become all that she is meant to be. 10% of their proceeds annually go toward supporting the start-up and mentorship of a woman within the collective who wants to start a heart-centered business. Feel free to message me with questions 

Unleash Your Light! and make the world a brighter the place!



9 Ways to Be Green and Grateful this Holiday

Give Thanks

Less than a week before Thanksgiving! time for family and friends, food and fun. Let’s admit that it is hard to be green when in the middle of the planning the menu, getting the house ready and greeting guests. How can you bring a little ‘green’ into your celebration? We want to give thanks AND we want to be aware of the environment and keep our green groove going.

Here are some tips to help Be Green & Grateful this holiday:

  1. Skip the disposable!  No need to add more to the waste! If you are low on plates for all the folks you can ask them to bring their own settings. This works especially well if you are doing a buffet/potluck style dinner. It can be an awesome way to not buy disposable and still have enough dishware for everyone. The first time I had experienced bring your own settings when i was young and we would go to the potlucks at the campground we frequented. Everyone had to bring a dish to pass and their own tableware. It worked great! Not much waste and no need to buy extra sittings. If you want a more formal dinner table with everything matching, I’d check out the second hand stores and Goodwill. Many have complete dinnerware sets for less than you can purchase disposable. After the holiday is over, if you don’t need the set, donate it back to Goodwill!
  2. What to do with the leftovers?? Want to send them home with your guests? No need to use all those Ziploc just ask them to bring their own containers.
  3. Turn down the thermostat!! Just 2-3 degrees can make a huge difference and your guests will never notice.
  4. Are you driving to your family’s for Thanksgiving? One way to make it greener is to see if you can car pool. Hitch a ride with Aunt Hildy or see if cousin Greg will ride with you. it is a great way to green your travel.
  5. Decorate your table with the beauty of nature. Acorns, stones, leaves, pine needles, pumpkins (from the garden of course) and gourds. It is a fun activity for kids (weather permitting) to hunt for natural treasures to adorn the table. I use a couple of clear vases and a simple platter to hold all the finds.
  6. Keep that turkey carcass!! and all the tidbits of the turkey. it makes an amazing and healthy broth.
  7. Don’t sit in front of the TV, get out in nature! After dinner is the perfect time to go for a walk, or spend some quality time with your family in the fresh air.
  8. Buy local. From beverages (beer, wine and cider), to the turkey (I ordered a pastured turkey from a local farm), to the pie (pumpkins and apples from local growers are on sale now!) buying locally helps the community and your green goals.
  9. Remember to skip black friday and shop local saturday!! Area artisans are a great resource for fun and unique gifts for everyone in the family.

Give Thanks, Be Green, and Share your favorite green tip for the holidays !

October Give-Away

october giveaway tea.png

There is nothing like a warm cup of tea on a cool autumn day.  And there is nothing like My Green Cauldron tea blends to help you unwind from a hard day. With 3 blends available Wise Woman, Sunny Afternoon, and Breathe Deep, you will have plenty of options for a great cup of tea.

This October I am giving away TEA. Here is a chance to get all three of my tea blends! Included in the package is a one ounce bag of each of the three blends, plus a tea cup and honey. Perfect for those times when you need a quiet moment.

To enter the give-away:

The contest ends on Oct 31 at midnight and the winner (chosen at random from eligible entries) will be announced the first week in November.

Every one can enter, only one will win!



Grief and Grieving

grief grieve

Let Go

let go

Release is one of my practices. Learning how to let go, surrender.

What are you releasing today?

practice the pause

practice the pause

my favorite prayer is thank you!


“Wherever you are, be there totally.”- Eckhart Tolle