My Green Cauldron

Egg Intentions

Egg Intentions for the Spring Equinox. Another project from the Mandala Magic Alignment with Julie Gibbons. Eggs are a symbol of the season. Writing my intentions for the upcoming season on eggs. hatching something new, bringing change, hoping for the future.

100 Day Project, Day 4, Art on a Roll

Day 4 of the 100 Day Project and Art on a Roll. I decided to try watercolor on gesso. i really like the texture the gesso gives the paper and it really reminded me of a bark like texture. The trees are what i painted. it’s not my favorite thing in the world but i like the peacefulness i find when around trees. what a great reminder to get out into nature, hug a tree, enjoy the peace.

Fallen Branch from our woods
finished day 4

Inspiration, Bark

On a walk with the family a snapped some photos of bark for texture and colors AND inspiration. nature gives us so many examples of beauty. combining colors and texture in such compelling ways. so beautiful!

Day 3, Art on a Roll, 100 Day Project

It snowed here in Michigan, my art today reflected that. (actually i am posting these a couple days later than i make them, a little wiggle room if you will.)

It was my step dad’s birthday also and we had cupcakes in foil wrappers. Those wrapper became snowflakes.

Are you doing the 100 day project? How is it going?

This is what my cat did while i worked on my project. He kept me safe from Turkeys! LOL!

Art on a Roll, 100 Day Project, Day 2

Day 2 of the #100dayproject. used my handmade leather stamp and hand cut stencil. this was a fun and quick one and a very good reminder during these distressing times. meditation, control breathing, deep long inhales and exhales. pay attention to your breath.

Day 1, Art on a Roll, 100 Day Project

This is the First in the #100dayproject. 100 days of creating. i am creating art on a continuous roll of paper for this project. the idea is from Kellee Wynne. she is using a roll of craft paper she cut down to the size she wanted….which was the height of a roll of toilet paper, perfect for these times. i love the idea of the continuous roll so i had a roll of craft brown mailing paper. i use it to ship out items and i have a couple rolls. i cut mine down also, i guessimated the size i wanted and used a hack saw to cut through it…..unevenly i must say. i love that i have a even edge and an uneven edge. i out the even edge down.

Balance Mandala, finishing up

Yesterday i finished up this mandala for the Spring Equinox. It’s about balance and transformation.

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Nesting Eggs part 2

a video showing the finishing of the nesting eggs project. i also did a little video editing, adding pictures and text. quite a rabbit hole is you ask me.

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Art, Finding Balance

this art project is about balance. it’s about flowing with the changes, the turbulence. the equinoxes mark the changes of the seasons, they bring the most dramatic weather, they are the sign that the next phase of the cycle is upon us. started for the Spring Equinox.

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