My Green Cauldron

Art, Nesting Eggs

a project about hopes, dreams. this is a mash up of 2 projects. one is from Julie Gibbons Mandala Magic Alignment and The Layered Page by Kellee Wynne.

to see how it all ends go to Part 2

Art, Transformation

I’ve been doing lots of art lately. This is a project i recently finished.

Art Helps with Hard Times

such strange and challenging times we are in. Since the beginning of March-ish we have been social distancing and have been under a stay at home order. Overall our day’s flow hasn’t changed much, being homeschoolers we are use to day together. We do miss our friends and extra curricular activities….i miss going second hand shopping and for coffee with my BFF. This is the life we are living now though. home, together, all the time…… I art to help with all that is going on. i am very thankful for the Mandala Magic Alignment, the eight fold year course. (check out, she’s Fabulous!). It has given me ways and thoughts to help find my way through the mess we are in.

the video i am sharing today is the first time i have done a voice over….just some thoughts on the art and the current state of things. i can be rambly so bear with me, lol. i am working on a mandala for the spring equinox, a day of balance. that is what i am trying to find these days, the balance. fear can be such a strong adversary, i am looking to more hope and less fear, more love and less fear, more understanding and less fear. i am trying to find the action, not just the reaction. what is the intention? some big questions to think about.

my first voice over!

The beginning of The Layered Page project

this is the beginning of the layered page project. the first markings on what becomes a Very layered page. what a fun process….a lot like playing.

part one
part two

Art Book Flip Thru

After finishing the workshop #thelayeredpage i thought i would show off my cute little art books.

flip thru of art book

Gelli Plate Printing

I have been taking a workshop called The Layered Page by Kellee Wynne. In this project she had us using a gelli plate. i had no idea what that was, but Kellee used one in her video and i was intrigued. Haven’t isn’t necessary to take the workshop, alternatives are given, but heck who doesn’t want to try something new?

i checked out the big box craft store to see if i could find a gelli plate. There was one there but with a 45$ price tag it was out of my range for trying a new project.

i did some experiments with things to replace the gelli plate. not one worked. i did a search on amazon to see if maybe they had gelli plates…..of course they did. more reasonably priced but still more than i wanted to pay. i did an internet search and found that you could make, yes MAKE a gelli plate. YES!! and it so happened that i had everything needed to make one. YES! so i made one and it works beautifully! well, from my experience. i do have to be careful with my brayer. i think i will let the next one set up longer than was suggested.

gelli plate printing

Mixed Technique Mandala

Ok, this is the last of the Imbolc art that I have done. Mixing the 2 techniques of using salt and using bubbles. It was fun. If you are curious I am following Julie Gibbons Mandala Magic Alignment, which is following the eight-fold year.

while working on this project i was also thinking of our chakras and thought how wonderful if the chakra system could fit into this eight-fold year study. Imbolc feels pretty orange, the energy rising from the root chakra where we have been with the winter solstice. so i am going to follow that rabbit hole for the remaining time i have until spring equinox…..moving into our third chakra.

i also want to talk about the symbols of February before the month is over. It is the shortest month of the year and I often just try to get through it, waiting for the warmer weather and surer signs that spring is here.

How do you feel about the Imbolc season, this transitional time between winter and spring?

Imbolc Tarot Spread

the questions from a previous post provided the inspiration for this spread. i hope you enjoy it as we move from Winter Solistice to the spring equinox. this time of year, Imbolc, seems to be the mix of the two.

Time to review the inner work done over the winter and feel the new tingling of energy of the upcoming spring. the impatient pause before the rush of energy of spring. are you ready?

Imbolc : what if?

the what if aspect of this Imbolc project was a lot of fun to make. i liked using the soap to make bubbles, the unpredictable-ness was fun.

it is time for the energies to start stirring again, shifting from inward to outward. bubbling forth out of the well, overflowing, moving, dancing, laughing. now is the time to put all the work of the winter to good use. what was revealed? what should be released? where should you focus this new well of energy? what does this season hold?

now is the time to dream and plan for the upcoming year (the garden is calling my name). what plans are you making? have you set new goals? not those resolutions made in the middle of the dark winter, but what are you working toward this year with the wellspring of Imbolc energy, what are you growing? it doesn’t need to be a definite plan, it doesn’t have to be clearly in focus. this time of year is for the beginning of the plan taking place. the brain dump of all that could be this year. the time to dream all the dreams before the one path comes into focus.

this is about the overflowing of the well with ideas and plans and dreams. enjoying the rush of “what if?”

what if?

i have to admit that i really enjoy watching the videos of artists while they work, this is my attempt at that and hopefully show what the bubble painting process was for me.