My Green Cauldron

Day 10 Morning Mood Mandala

Technical difficulties make things harder. Today my microphone wasn’t working so i had to improvise on the tarot video. Fun stuff.

Today’s mood mandala finds me distracted, pulled apart. there are a lot of things going on in life, my energies are flowing outward. this leaves me feeling a bit drained and uninspired.

My tarot reading today gives good advise.

Mark boundaries.

Pause, Rest, Reflect.

Change grows in Dark Places.

Joy can be found in the joining AND in the Dividing.

Day 8 Morning Mood Mandala

Day 8 with Morning Mood Mandalas. Lead by Susan Loughrin

I wasn’t quite sure what to paint. Pushed some paint around, no color mixing.

I like the art in the morning but making it a new morning habit hard.

so glad that i get everything set up the evening before otherwise i might not be so on the ball.

Morning Mood Mandala Day 8

everything was running slowly today, from exporting video to uploading them.

November 8 reading

Couple of important messages gleaned from today’s reading.

Be willing to receive.

action + intention = manifestation.

intention is everything.

Day 7 Morning Mood Mandala

Just went with the audio that recorded as i made the video. i have done voice overs in the other videos.

Nov 7 Tarot Reading

Day 6 Morning Mood Mandala

Be Bold!

Go Forward!

Enjoy the Journey!

That is my message today, Be Bold.

Morning Mood Mandala
Tarot November 6

Everything turned out a bit wonky today. I’m ok with it as i learn, play and experiment with all this creavtity. so many amazing ways to express yourself. I am enjoying the process, even when, well you know, it’s not quite ‘perfect’. lol!

Be Bold! Be Audacious! Be Passionate!

Most of all, Enjoy the Journey!

Day 5 Morning Mood Mandala

I did my mandala before the brush suggestion, oh well, next time….

Morning Mood Mandala day 5

Here is the making of my day 5 mandala and I have to say i wasn’t feeling. It felt really hard to get anything moving.

i feel lumpy and bumpy and expanded, out of sorts.

I also recorded my morning tarot reading and did a voice over recording, just to see (and hear) how it would turn out.

Interested in the Morning Mood Mandala, please check out our host Susan. She is an amazing guide, artist, friend.

Day 4 Morning Mood Mandala

Morning Mood Mandala day 4

Sharing my Morning Mood Mandala. Want to know more? Check out Susan’s page. She is a wonderful guide on these mandalas.

Music by Josh Lillie

Day 3 Morning Mood Mandala

Morning Mood Mandala day 3

Sharing my Morning Mood Mandala. Want to know more? Check out Susan’s page. She is a wonderful guide on these mandalas.