About Me

Looking to make the world a better place through love, plants, and a little magic.


Leslie Whitney fell in love with plants at a young age. A natural plant whisperer, she became a biologist and then an herbalist. Through the course of her studies, she learned that the healing alchemy of plants can aid in the recovery of health issues, which led to Leslie sharing her herbs and teas with others. She founded My Green Cauldron to provide a resource for those seeking to learn about the mystical energy of plants. 

As Leslie traveled through her own self-discovery journey, she began to practice yoga and Reiki, becoming first a Reiki Master with “amazing vibes” and followed by certification as a 200RYT Yoga Teacher. She is currently working towards her 500RYT. 

An eclectic explorer of life, Leslie demonstrates her wonder of the world’s magic through her art. Plants, energy, and yogic themes find their way into the paintings, collages, and journals. Leslie creates and uses these tools to further both her own and others’ self-empowerment.