My Green Cauldron

eat the greens : dandelion

it’s spring!! time to get those early spring greens, one of my faves is dandelion greens. this is the easy way to prepare them, quick and healthy!

fresh dandelion greens
saute in a little olive oil
cooked greens with kombucha vinegar

do you have a favorite way to eat your greens?

Poppet Making

One of the tools in magical herbalism is making a poppet. A poppet is a doll crafted as a representation of oneself (or someone else) that is being helped with your magic. Most poppets are made to speed healing, draw money or draw love.
For this project I made a poppet of myself for healing, and to help promote peace and love in my heart and life. A poppet will help focus magic for the intention set.
I hand crafted a poppet myself, first obtaining a pattern. You can draw one yourself or you can look online for them. Once you have a pattern you will need to gather your material. A good choice for material is any natural fiber, I chose cotton because it is easy to work with, doesn’t cost a lot, and is easy to get. As for color, the one chosen should align with your intention. I chose white for protection healing, and peace. White can also be a substitute for any other color. After deciding on a fabric, cut the pieces out. With right sides together, sew ¾ of the way around. You can use a sewing machine or hand sew. I hand sewn mine with red thread for love, healing and energy.
Now is the time to chose what will go into your poppet. I have chosen 4 herbs and a crystal to go into mine for the intentions that I am setting. The herbs I chose are rose petals, chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm. Rose petals were chosen for love, lasting relationships and domestic peace and happiness. Chamomile was added for calmness, healing, and abundance of life. Lavender brings love, protection, and peace. Lemon balm helps ward of evil, attract love and good cheer, and it promotes healing. A clear quartz crystal will also be used for its ability to amplify energy and thoughts. Once the poppet is filled with your herbs, sew the final ¼ shut.
The outside of your poppet can also have adornments. I kept the extras to a minimum in my poppet opting to crochet a chain stitch in purple to represent a scarf I commonly wear, just enough to identify the doll. You can personalize the outside of your doll any way you wish. Keep in mind the intention for the poppet.

hand drawn pattern
hand sewn poppet
herbs and crystals for the poppet
finished poppet

Once your poppet is finished it is time to set your intention. For this part there are many things you can take onto consideration. Things like the day, the planetary hour, the moon phase and planet can all be addressed to help guide your energy to your intention. For this ritual I chose Monday Feb 4, 2019, which is the new moon. The color candle I chose is light blue, which lead me to the planet Jupiter, and the planetary hour of 9:34-10:23. I chose Monday for emotional matters, peace and protection. Monday happened to also be the New Moon which is a great time for new beginnings and setting intentions. Light blue candles were used as they represent tranquility, harmony, and peace. Jupiter is the bringer of abundance and growth on all levels, which leads to the planetary hour.
When everything is set up and ready it is time to set your intention in your poppet. This can be done through meditation, creative matters, and/or another method you use. Close the ceremony by expressing gratitude.

i haven’t had too much time with my intentions to come to be. but i do have to say that i made the poppet a little while before the intention setting ritual. it has been sitting on my altar. i have 3 sons (15-8) and i explained to them what it was and what it was for (what my intentions were for the poppet). after that i notices that my younger to fellas would go and love on the poppet and tell the poppet how loved it was. not sure if any intention setting ritual will be as powerful as the love my fellas are filling that doll with. so far it’s energy is super fabulous awesome!!

The poppet will be kept on the altar as a reminder of the intention that I set.

Amber, piece of the past

  • Mohs- no info
  • charka – solar plexus, crown
  • energy – projective
  • planet – sun
  • sign – Leo, Aquarius
  • element – fire/Akasa
  • vibration – 3
  • family – organic
  • herbs
  • conditions – goiter, disease of the throat, kidney, bladder
Amber Beads

pine resin from the Oligocene period

thought to possess the power of life, the animating principle

associated with cycles and longevity

‘married’ to jet, god/goddess, sun/earth, projective/receptive forces of nature

can have electrical charge (like jet)

worn to enhance beauty and attract love

worn to attract friends and brings happiness

allows body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy to positive energy

assists in opening the crown chakra, helps with manifestation

stimulates intellect

Amber Beads

Jet, nope not the plane

Jet is an organic material, fossilized wood/charcoal. it’s also known as witch’s amber and it helps the kundlini rise from the lower charkas to the upper ones. black in color and lightweight, it is a base chakra ‘stone’.

  • Mohs – no info
  • chakra – base chakra
  • energy – receptive, protective
  • planet – Saturn
  • sign – Capricorn
  • element – Earth/Akasa
  • vibration – 8
  • family – organic
  • herbs – lavender, sage
  • Helps with migraines, epilepsy, glandular and lymphatic swelling, stomach pain, colds

This is the stone one of my son’s really resonates with. he picks this stone out at the store or at shows any time we are there.

it is good for gardeners, when worn while working on the garden it helps with plant growth.

it is also know to dispel evil thoughts, and is used to protect against nightmares (place under pillow, on night stand or it can be worn)

Jet is a calming agent and helps dissipates depression. It protects the wearer against illness and violence.

like amber, it can have electrical properties, or a charge… static electricity.

worn to maintain proper energy flow within body to avoid illness (with blue candle)

good for home protection

Chakra Crystals

for each chakra more than one crystal is listed as being helpful. how do you choose which ones to use? i know that it will be a fine tuning for each person and each healing session. i am going to look into the crystals that i own for each chakra and look into how i might use choose a crystal for the healing.

Base/Root Chakra, Muladhara:

  • agate, red
  • hematite
  • jet
  • red jasper

Sacral Chakra, Swadhisthana

  • carnelian
  • turquiose
  • fluorite
  • aventurine
  • calcite

Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura

  • citrine
  • tiger eye
  • amber
  • topaz

Heart Chakra, Anahata

  • Jade
  • Rose Quartz
  • emerald

Throat Chakra, Vishuddha

  • Turquoise
  • lapis lazuli

Third Eye Chakra, Ajna

  • amethyst
  • lapis lazuli
  • sodalite

Crown Chakra, Sahasrara

  • clear quartz
  • selenite
  • amethyst
  • diamond

As i add information on each crystal/stone i will include a link for each one.

there are lots more crystals listed for the seven chakras. this list is comprised of the crystals i personally own. as my collection grows so will the information here.

join me on my journey of learning about crystals and how to use them to support my well being.

3 Things I Learned about Crystals

As I am cruising through the inter-webs looking for info on crystals and how they work I came across three things that I find very interesting. Now this is science and not any of the woo-woo that cause some to roll their eyes when you mention crystals.

First thing i learned today was about piezoelectricity…..what!?! Piezoelecrtricity, this is when you apply pressure to certain crystals (quartz and tourmaline) and it causes the polarization of it’s electrons. who cares, right? not right. this means that a current (electrical) can now run through the crystal, place them face to face and current will flow!

This was discovered in 1880 by Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie. But why and how is this useful? Well, we find this in action in watches, in how ultrasounds work, and in microphones to name a very few.

Quartz Crystal

So as you can see I am looking into the science of crystals and their amazing capabilities. Another thing I came across was pyroelectricity…..heat polarizing crystals, basically you apply heat or cold (energy) to crystals (amber, quartz) and it will polarize (negative charge on one end, postitive on the other. This will give the crystal a static electric charge which can pull things toward it, like straw or ashes….non magnetic things. The static electric charge pulls them toward the crystal, these can also run in a circuit.

Triboluminescene also known as fractoluminescence and mechanoluminescence. It is a flash of light produced when a material is subjected to friction, impact or breakage.  Up to 50% of all crystals will do it to some extent, but here are some that will give you nice results quartz, sphalerite, fluorite, calcite, muscovite, and many feldspar. So if you have a couple of quartz crystals (not your very fave ones, there could be some damage and wear eye protection!) knock them together in a dark room! BAM! A flash of light! although why this happens is not completely understood there are a couple of ideas. One is the extra energy inputted by the strike causes electrons to get excited and as they come down from the excitement there is a flash of light. It could also be like lightening, where electrical current is created by force then moves through the crystal causing trap gas molecules in the crystal to glow.
Did you know that wint-o-green life savers will flash with blue light with the right force? Me neither, until now. I will be trying this out later, to show the fellas. very cool!

So these three concepts are new to me and I am excited to try out some experiments. If you have more information or I have the basic concepts wrong, please let me know. I am just learning this.

Take Time for Tea

It is that time of the year, the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Amidst all the celebrations and gatherings remember to take a moment for yourself, have a cup of tea.

Take Time for Tea