My Green Cauldron

Planting native species plants

Photo by mvp on Unsplash

Found this helpful website. Looking to plant more natives here around the cauldron. We have quite a few already, but I do want to plant more, A whole lot more!

Native Plant Finder

Short poem

Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

A walk through the woods

A smell on the breeze

The air weighing heavy

The Jays are not pleased


Finding the squares



Finding circles in every day life.

This week


Day Retreating, Connor Bayou

I enjoyed a day retreat this passed weekend. it was held at the beautiful Connor Bayou in Grand Haven Mi. My beautiful friend Susan (you can find her here on Instagram) lead us through meditation and art. it was a wonderful experience, i would recommend anyone to spend the day away at a retreat.

Mushrooms around the yard

We have a lot of mushrooms popping up all over our property. here are some photos of some.