My Green Cauldron

Awareness, My Up-cycled Art Book

so here i go again following that sparkly squirrel. i had seen some where (probably pinterest) about make paper from old magazine pages. no not that paper making, no water no mess! this process involved a glue stick, my sewing machine, some gesso, and the book Awareness by Osho.

i had the magazines. after gathering them and gluing them i pulled out my trusty Singer sewing machine.

the sewing was quite fun, a free form motion to make designs/marks/texture. one of my boys enjoyed playing around with sewing the pages.

this really was my most favorite part, collage. Bits from my collection of made pieces, cut out images from the magazines, i even glued on pieces of fabric!

the pages were so pretty when they were done! i almost stopped here with the project. i didn’t though and the next step was gesso!

so the gesso went on, i took a rag and smeared it, rubbed some off, added more here, water there and just played around until i felt they were done.

i think i will be investing in some transparent and black gesso.

i even tried to mix color into my gesso….well that didn’t work out as planned! lol! live and learn. this is definitely still a work in progress. once the gesso dried, i am adding doodles, quotes and other art pertaining to awareness.

stay tuned to see how this project progresses.

Circles and Chakra 3

i’ve been really into paint these watercolor circles. they bring me great happiness. they are also very good for helping me when i have stuff to think about. lately that has been the third chakra, the power center… kinda goes along with the work i have done (been doing…working on) with the vesica picsis. in a lot of images i see about the energy fields that radiate around us (yes, a detectable energy field) and many believe it is from the 3 chakra that this energy starts from. when our energy field meet they form the vesica picses, a place of creation.

it’s so fun to see how the colors swirl and move around and into each other. adding the doodles is so much fun. i have to admit that these circles are also very freeing for me. i can just doodle what ever i want where ever. no worries, no perfect, no thoughts just fun flow of expression….not something i am use to doing. painting these little fire balls and seeing them no gives me a burst of the energy. the 3 chakra is the place of focused power. the foundation of chakra one, the energy of chakra 2, the focus chakra 3. drawing up power and energy, getting the momentum for rising into the higher chakras.

i have also been looking into yoga poses and the ones related to the different chakras, in particular the third chakra. one of the things i am going to incorporate into my daily routine is the breath of fire breathing. have you tried this breathing technique?

Vesica Piscis

Beltane recently went by and a new module of Mandala Magic Alignment opened. One of the projects includes the Vesica Piscis, the overlap space of 2 circle….the very beginning of the flower of life, the first movement across the waters……LET THERE BE LIGHT…..ok,ok, a bit much but The Vesica Piscis is known as the womb of the universe, the birth place of all creation.

the one becomes to, duality, polarity, reflection.

more thoughts to come as i think i need to dive into sacred geometry again.

color inspiration from our property my place.

Watercolor Circles Practice

I had a lot of fun making these circles. it gave me some practice with mixing and bleeding and blending colors PLUS a little doodle work when they were dry….i have a feeling there will be plenty more of these filling up my art journal.

there is just something so peaceful about the circle the continuity the curve and flow. a perfect container, i find, for my art. spirals, circle the never ending the flow. it has been used as a protection symbol, a symbol of life, wholeness, the goddess, the sun, cycles, sacred space. there are many associations with the circle. in my practices i like working with the imagery of the circle/spiral and often find it in my art. a spot to concentrate my feelings, expressions and passions in my moment of need/flow/connection. a circle shrinking and growing just as our breathing, the cyclic exchange with our environment, our place.

lately i have also been breaking some preconceived notions i have been having about life and art and having this human experience. funny how your life gives you a box of crap to carry….never really thinking to go through that box until way later in life. looking through the box of my preconceived notions one has to do with perfectionism, success and the opinions of others. does this sound familiar? i mean seriously. BUT lately i have been watching, learning, meditating and i am realizing those things in my box are no longer serving me. i can look back on my life and see places/scenarios that would have put those ideas/filters in my box. we all have something in our past that has given us tools that no longer serve us in the present. understanding what’s in there, how it got there, WOW! that’s a step into the flow of healing, the tumultuous ride of release. damn it’s hard. as i follow that spiral of my journey i have come to realize that you never really get rid of those things (filters/strategies/preconceived notions). they will always be a part of me, if nothing more now than part of my story. what a feeling it is to be able to look back and be able to actively tell the story rather than responding with all the feels (this feels very reactive to me, not intentionally responding).

funny thing i noticed is that i mention that i have a box of preconceived notions (box=square), when i pull them out to learn more i place them in a circle. food for thought.

Stability and Balance

One of the messages from my cards was “when the world shifts around you find stability in the present moment”. this statement really struck a cord with me and stayed in my head for days. it was also a remind to my yoga practice. i have been practicing yoga for many many years. it has helped me off the mat in so many ways (we can chat about it but we should set aside a block of time 😉 ). this quote made me think of Vrikshasana, tree pose. one think i have learned about balance poses is that I have to be there, in the moment, to be able to stand in the pose. i cannot let my mind wander anywhere or it doesn’t work…..sometimes, like a tree, i sway and bend (bringing my attention back to the moment). sometimes i am able to maintain, sometimes i don’t. but the reminder is to be in the moment, to be there with the pose, with yourself in the present.

100 Day Project Day 10, Art on a Roll

here is another installation in the art on a roll. i am about to run out of room on my roll. i’m not sure what i will do, add on, start a new roll…..stop at ten?, lol!

Collage Book

Using some of the papers i created recently and some art i created a few years ago, i put together a couple of art collage books. so fun and cute. i like how things just come together during the creative work.