spread the love

the election is a week gone by now. many people are in terrible pain, they are afraid, scared and angry. there have been many unspeakable acts of violence occurring against any one who is different. it is sad to see the division happening again. to see the infighting about things that really make us a whole unique group of people. my heart is hurting.

many have said that it is time for a change, and i agree. what that change is and how it should happen is another point of disagreement, all change is important in all it’s manifestations. It is quite obvious that there needs to be a change of government. this is not what was intended from a republic. our governmental system is out of control and (in my eyes) one of the biggest problems in and of itself. but that is not what i want this blog post to be about. like some, i see the government as a reflection of us, who we are as a culture and society (nope i don’t care who you voted for they are a product of our cultural. in my opinion, all that is wrong with our culture.). i realize that i could hear about how we should change the system, work from within, infiltrate the system with people who believe as we do. i know that is where some place their energies and it is great. maybe you can make a difference, make you can get some changes in, but you will never beat the system. it won’t allow that.only-love-mlk

i am like many and wonder what i, as an individual can do. as i sit and watch and read what is going on around me, i realize that the great change that needs to be made in the hearts of each and every individual. if the candidates are a reflection of our society, we need to change society. how is that even done? how can we change the way that people think and feel? the answer is you can’t, not by whose in charge, not by forcing laws and regulations, not by violence and threats. (i mean really how has that been working out for us so far?). it hasn’t been. there is one sure thing that i can change. me, my heart, my actions, me.

so people of the inter-webs, i love you. as a fellow human being, i love you. and i am working as hard as i can to spread the love around. i hope you are too.


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