Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, practice, practice

I tell my son’s this often. To become better, more proficient, at something you must practice. Now a days I have taken my own advice. Practice writing, practice tarot, practice. Just do it! And that goes for anything, speaking, doing it getting to know it inside and out. Practice brings fluency and confidence.

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Get use to stumbling around in the beginning. Admit being a novice, a beginner. How often do we admit to being beginners?

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We have impostor syndrome but what about from the other end-how we don’t want to admit novice-hood.

The unknown, not knowing, there is a thing about always having the answer. We (don’t like) to admit we don’t know but why? what an adventure stepping out into the unknown (are you scared or excited?)

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Well, I’m on this journey as a writer starting at the beginning. So, practice, practice, practice.

Is writing enough though? Writing just for myself, is that good enough? Will that help me improve my writing? I have a plan to share. I have a blog! I’m not looking for criticism but connection. Am I writing well enough about interesting things to find connection? will my writing bring connection?

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Connection brings community – that’s where your tribe is. That is what I am looking for by writing, Connection with community.

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