Art helps

Starting again.
So much art lately. Diving into the process, the experience, the focus. I suffer greatly from anxiety and lately it has been tough. I have been using art and the art process to help manage it.
I share my art as a way to see that I have made it through before. A way to look back and see that as the art ebbs and flows, it has helped me ebb and flow too. Showing me that although anxiety does get heavy it also lightens up. Nothing lasts forever and in time I will lighten up too.
I am by no means a great artist and that is the beauty of the process. It doesn’t have to be great at to help. It is a place for my mind to go to work through what is going on within.
This is my journey and my process. Art brings light to the darkness. Art helps to hold on.


arthelps #startingagain #anxiety #art #watercolorpencils

One Comment on “Art helps

  1. I understand anxiety all to well. I’m in the mist of it as well. I have been told that I have been victimized and have suffered tremendous abuse. When I was in this mist of it I was blind to it. The wrapping my head around just how abusive it was for so many years and by whom.
    I am here for you. I love seeing your art. I enjoy seeing you evolve on your journey.


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