my inner artist

I am really enjoying the mandala magic!

Perfect in imperfections.

And that’s a big thing for me.

2 Comments on “my inner artist

  1. I love it!! You just hit the nail on the head for me. Oh my gosh! My problem is i expect perfection from me. I look at my “art” and always find the faults. The damn thing is I have a quote on a sticky note on my desk that says, “What screws us up more in life is the picture in our head of how we think it is supposed to be.”

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    • i know just what you mean, i struggle with images of perfection too. the images are ones given to me at that. it has been recently that i realized, it really sunk in, is that perfect is an opinion! and i can have an opinion on what perfection is for me in that particular moment. this mandala for example, holy moly. there is not one unshaky line, the pattern and rhythm are all off, the designs are everywhere. but it was while i was making this that i realize what a true beginner i am in the art. and it is ok that nothing is ‘perfect’ because the moment of my realization was perfect. the manadala was my journey there to that realization and it was perfect. ❤


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