filters, opinions and healing

I have hated myself for so long based on the opinions of others..png


How many of us do this? how many realize that they are doing this? it took me over forty years to realize that my view of my self was actually looking through the filters i was given as a child…..and they are not very kind filters. these filters have effect my whole life and it is only now (over 40 years later) that i realize that they are there. i am beginning the process of removing them, to see things in a whole new light. this process is one that i will work on for the rest of my life, but the healing has started.

what filters are you looking at your life through? are they filters of your choosing? were they given to you? are they the opinions of others?


2 Comments on “filters, opinions and healing

  1. I struggle with this myself. Just when I think I’m doing well, I sometimes hear that little voice in the back of my mind trying to push negativity on me. It’s definitely not easy to get away from but I’m working on it constantly. I have to.


    • you and me both. just identifying where and what those filters are is an amazing step. i will keep spiraling around to the lessons that will help me overcome the negative. Just when i think i have learned the lesson something comes back around to remind me that i have to go deeper still.


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