Starting anew 

The bojo/journal I started at the is almost full. It will soon be time to start another but before I do there is something that needs to be done with my recipes and such that can be found inside. For the first time ever I will start a BOS. Here will be the place for the information I continually sell and use. A place for the recipes I have developed over the years (most transferred from other, older notebooks), for words of wisdom from experiences I have had, for the wishes and dreams I put out in the universe. It is not going to be my journal, I will still have one of those for the day to day work of being me.

The little red journal I found on a recent trip to Saugatuck with my hubby. Red is not usually a color I’m drawn to, but this red had an old velvet feel about it.

Do you keep a journal? How about a BOS?

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