Day 13 Morning Mood Mandala

November 13, Morning Mood Mandala and tarot reading.

I have to admit that I am not feeling it today. Nothing wanted to come from the paint brush.

The colors and their mixing reminded me of ketchup and mustard.

Still stumbling through paint mixing….just not getting the hang of it yet.

I am going to try to paint my own color wheel later. It was suggested that maybe I should consider different/better paints. What are your favorites?

I decide to use my Osho Zen tarot deck this morning. It is one of my first decks and then I didn’t feel much of a connection to it.

Nov 13 Reading

This morning’s reading may bring this deck out more often. That’s the thing about growth, it brings things that may not have been suited for you before back to you.

The take away from today’s reading:

Take a breath, take it easy.

This moment is a gift for the hard work you have done.

Love based in freedom, not expectation or need

Stop fighting, forgive yourself, love IS available, you ARE worth it.

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