Day 12 Morning Mood Mandala

I’m learning to watercolor.

I am trying hard to learn how to mix these darn things! ha!

Not so easy, i’ve tried a few times this morning.

I would like to watch some one else handle their color and palette and mixing and such.

If you know of some good videos of this please let me know.

Today’s reading is from Creatrix, Anything is Possible Activation Cards by Melissa Harris. (Not an affiliate, just thought i’d out the link here for you)

When the wave comes, dive deep. one of my favorite analogies.

Have you ever stood in the Big Lake (or Ocean) and tried to stop the waves?…..Impossible.

Have you ever been hit by a wave when you didn’t expect it?…..That wave moves you, knocks you around.

These waves are like the emotions we feel, triggers we need to face.

I have learned that it is when I dive into the wave, when I go through it that I end up on the other side of that wave/trigger.

It is when I dive deep into my emotion/trigger/issue, when I work with the energies that I am able to come out on the other side of it, landing on my feet.

All within my power, all within my control.

I have to do some inner work.

I have to stand in my power.

I have to release to expand.

When the wave comes, dive deep.

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