Day 15 Morning Mood Mandala

Still trying to control the paint. It’s not as easy as those videos make it look.

Practice and Patience. Enjoy the process of learning, growing, stretching my boundaries.

One lesson I did take away is that you can’t take it back….

Working with black, I wanted to practice tones, dark to light. Fill your brush with paint and slowly take paint off to change the darkness….works with those little squares, lol.

In painting the mandala I found that painting dark to light really didn’t work….I should’ve built up from light to dark, because you cannot take back too much dark! You just can’t take it back to the white paper, our the lightest shade.

Same goes for life. you really can’t take things back. You can be forgiven, but it’s never back to the blank/white paper again.

So be careful with what you do and say. Practice the pause. Act with intention, not re-act out of fear.

You can’t take back words you’ve already said. Or the tears already shed. Minor things will be forgotten, but the cruelest words are never forgotten.

I didn’t know who to attribute this to, but if you do, let me know.

Things to take away from the tarot reading, the message from the Universe:

A seed takes root, stay grounded

Overflow with positivity, have an open joyful heart.

Do not take people/situations for granted. Gratitude.

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