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Finishing & Beginning Again

finishing up one project, beginning another

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Stability and Balance

quarantine art, mandala tree pose

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Imbolc Tarot Spread

tarot spread for Imbolc

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Back on the Bullet Journal Bandwagon

Back on the Bullet Journal Bandwagon

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Day 19 Morning Mood Mandala

Day 19

My mood mandala is one of abundance, joy, divine love. The colors are ones I mixed a few days ago but they seemed to fit perfectly. Red grounding moving into purple, the sign of wealth and royalty, to a indigo…

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Day 18 Morning Mood Mandala

Morning Mood Mandala

My morning ritual was interrupted this morning in a good way, hubby decided to take the day off! I am a bit behind but I love that we are all home together. I have also had some technical difficulties today,…

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Day 17 Morning Mood Mandala

Day 17 Morning Mood Mandala & tarot reading

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Day 15 Morning Mood Mandala

Still trying to control the paint. It’s not as easy as those videos make it look. Practice and Patience. Enjoy the process of learning, growing, stretching my boundaries. One lesson I did take away is that you can’t take it…

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Day 14 Morning Mood Mandala

I am learning a bit more on watercolor mixing, thank you internet! I used colors from a new (cheap) watercolor set. not impressed! It was goopy even when water was added. I think my friend had something when she mentioned…

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