Day 2: 5 days of Mandala Magic

Today is my birthday, another trip around the sun.

Rolling through the cycle of my life, I am finding myself very contemplative. The number of my age surprises me every time I say it.

It is interesting to see everyone in my life go through the journey of life also, how our roles have shifted.

No longer a child; I am now the mother.

My mother is now the grandmother.

My grandmother has passed onto the next journey.

It won’t be that many years when I will shift into grand-motherhood, my children into parents.

The cycle continues.

Still contemplating the Moon, it’s cycles, and what symbolism do i find within.

As I have mentioned, the Moon has always reminded me of cycles, like the cycle of my life when celebrating birthdays, monthly cycles, seasonal cycles.

During the cycle of the Moon many have found inspire, enchantment, and empowerment.

That is the message I am taking away from my art journal today.

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