Day 1 Mandala Magic

I am switching gears a bit with my morning art. 21 days of morning mood mandalas has wrapped up.

Julie Gibbons 5 Days of Mandala Magic has begun.

Today, in the art journaling, I followed the prompt of the moon and drew my rendition of the day’s mandala.

The Moon represents cycles to me, it’s own cycle of new moon to full, follows the pattern of much of the cycling that happens.

Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth.

I am witnessing the processing/stages of the cycle of life now.

My fellas are walking toward indepepndence and forging their way in their worlds. Now longer babies or toddlers needing constant attention, but young men wanting to strech their wings and explore more and more on their own.

I contemplate my stage of the cycle.

I am no longer a maiden.

I am past the mid point of my mother stage.

I am approaching my crone years.

WOW, my crone years are closer than my maidenhood at this point and it is mind boggling to me.

I am also witness the end of life as a family member is in the final stages of this manifestation, approaching the rebirth……

And the cycle begins again.

I am including the last of the morning mood mandalas (day 21). It very much feels as if it belongs here.

Each ending is a new beginning.

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