Winter Solstice, part one

The Beginning of Julie’s Alignment is the winter solstice. that time of year when the darkness is the longest and the sun hangs low in the sky. This year the weather is warm, balmy for Michigan, the boys outside without coats.

This is the time of the year to slow down, to deeply rest. Seems so out of sorts with the holiday season. lights, gatherings, singing…..all the things to keep the darkness at bay. i enjoy the darkness of this season also. time to hibernate, to turn deeply inward. cozy, comfy, warm, as the darkness, silence and cold encompass everything.

time to enter the darkness

after the new year begins is really when i start the slow down…..i know, the days are getting longer, the night shorter, but i am very much still moving into hibernation mode. slowing way down to allow for rest, for inner work, for art.

the first journey into art is the rising of the morning sun. here in Michigan the trees are bare of their leaves. the view usually block by green foliage is now visible. the structure, shape, form of the tree branches bared against the fiery skies.

the words are ones that i associate with this season

the triangle with the line is symbolic of the earth. the colors are of the skies and it is framed in the bare branches. i have lines for journaling, which i did after i took the photos.

working in the dark hours

Winter Solstice; part 2 Jewels in the Dark

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