Mixed Technique Mandala

Ok, this is the last of the Imbolc art that I have done. Mixing the 2 techniques of using salt and using bubbles. It was fun. If you are curious I am following Julie Gibbons Mandala Magic Alignment, which is following the eight-fold year.

while working on this project i was also thinking of our chakras and thought how wonderful if the chakra system could fit into this eight-fold year study. Imbolc feels pretty orange, the energy rising from the root chakra where we have been with the winter solstice. so i am going to follow that rabbit hole for the remaining time i have until spring equinox…..moving into our third chakra.

i also want to talk about the symbols of February before the month is over. It is the shortest month of the year and I often just try to get through it, waiting for the warmer weather and surer signs that spring is here.

How do you feel about the Imbolc season, this transitional time between winter and spring?

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