Gelli Plate Printing

I have been taking a workshop called The Layered Page by Kellee Wynne. In this project she had us using a gelli plate. i had no idea what that was, but Kellee used one in her video and i was intrigued. Haven’t isn’t necessary to take the workshop, alternatives are given, but heck who doesn’t want to try something new?

i checked out the big box craft store to see if i could find a gelli plate. There was one there but with a 45$ price tag it was out of my range for trying a new project.

i did some experiments with things to replace the gelli plate. not one worked. i did a search on amazon to see if maybe they had gelli plates…..of course they did. more reasonably priced but still more than i wanted to pay. i did an internet search and found that you could make, yes MAKE a gelli plate. YES!! and it so happened that i had everything needed to make one. YES! so i made one and it works beautifully! well, from my experience. i do have to be careful with my brayer. i think i will let the next one set up longer than was suggested.

gelli plate printing

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