Art Helps with Hard Times

such strange and challenging times we are in. Since the beginning of March-ish we have been social distancing and have been under a stay at home order. Overall our day’s flow hasn’t changed much, being homeschoolers we are use to day together. We do miss our friends and extra curricular activities….i miss going second hand shopping and for coffee with my BFF. This is the life we are living now though. home, together, all the time…… I art to help with all that is going on. i am very thankful for the Mandala Magic Alignment, the eight fold year course. (check out, she’s Fabulous!). It has given me ways and thoughts to help find my way through the mess we are in.

the video i am sharing today is the first time i have done a voice over….just some thoughts on the art and the current state of things. i can be rambly so bear with me, lol. i am working on a mandala for the spring equinox, a day of balance. that is what i am trying to find these days, the balance. fear can be such a strong adversary, i am looking to more hope and less fear, more love and less fear, more understanding and less fear. i am trying to find the action, not just the reaction. what is the intention? some big questions to think about.

my first voice over!

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