My Green Cauldron


Art Helps with Hard Times

how i am using art to get through hard times

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Imbolc : what if?

Imbolic: the overflowing wellspring
how i created my bubble painting and some thoughts on the season.

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Story of Flowers

Story of Flowers animation

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Take Time for Tea

It is that time of the year, the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Amidst all the celebrations and gatherings remember to take a moment for yourself, have a cup of tea.

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Tea Time

Tea is such an amazing thing. Warm or cold, blended to your tastes and needs, connecting to the plants magic that is all around us. Some of the most wonderful conversation happen over a pot of tea!  

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messy house, don’t care!

hi all! i was just talking to folks about how the pictures of people and places and homes always seem so perfect, so clean, so NOT my life! will in an effort to keep things real i want to share…

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