100 Day Challenge, Day 6 Art on a Roll

Another day in the virtual art summit. i am having such a good time and learning so many new things. i love watching all the artists work, techniques in actions, creativity flowing, humans being. one thing i have learned is this, they make it look easy! LOL! Donna Mulholand’s offering to the summit was fun. i LOVE the idea of writing intentions on the paper before you begin, another part of the journey, the ritual, the ceremony of beginning. Another piece to the spiritual connection, another tool found, another part revealed.

i do have to admit that feel very ‘eh’ about my art, the finished (or as finished as it’s going to get) piece in the 100 day challenge. i loved using a bigger brush than normal, i loved flecking paint on to the paper, i loved setting intentions……i didn’t love the way the paint was working, i wasn’t loving how the colors mixed (i used 3 primary plus white and black), i wasn’t loving the composition, the bland-ness. it was just eh. BUT i did learn some new techniques and ideas, i want to try different, better paints and i think bigger brushes are in order.

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