100 Day Project Day 8, Art on a Roll

So here is day 8!! YAY!! this is an idea i got from the Virtual Art Summit with Kellee Wynne. i love this project (not very good at it yet. practice makes perfect!). Melissa Doty’s circle art is GORGEOUS. if you know me you know that i love circles, spirals, mandalas. i also love color, the way watercolor loves to mix and mingle. i am still learning how to control watercolor on paper so precisely. this project takes precision and control (who knew painting circles could be such a challenge!?!) but that challenge and concentrate really did help to calm my mind, giving it something to concentration. it’s fun to play with all the colors too. This is one of my new favorite things. this is definitely one of those exercises that i will use on my journey.

looks like i have more pigment on my piece of paper towel than on the gesso.

pssst….i did learn that i am not a big fan of using watercolor on gesso for this. the pigment didn’t seem to stick, the paint was super hard to control on this paper. none of it wanted to stay in it’s circle.

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