paper beading

Lately my art attention has been on paper beading. i’ve been looking for something to do with all the extra gelli prints i have been making, paper beads seem to be the answer right now. i’ve learned that there are a couple of ways to make the beads (well more than a couple) i started out rolling beads onto plastic stir straws. i was asked if they could be made plastic free and i begin rolling them with out the straws (seemed a bit awkward at first but i managed.) i even made my own bead rollers, which i thought was a fun project too! (and cheap! the prices for handmade rollers is quiet expensive comparitively.)

hand made bead rollers and beads rolled with it.
bits and pieces and paper beads

so what am i doing with the beads!?! well i have been making jewelry! i am really enjoying that but i am learning that working with tiny parts can be trying, especially since i am not a spring chicken, lol! i plan on listing some of the pieces here with links to the etsy store. i may also work on a video showing some how to’s (rolling and glazing beads, the music cuff bracelet) i have been wondering if here is an interest in just the beads…you know so others can make stuff with them.

paper and glass bead necklace wth feather pendant
paper and glass bead earrings

i have so many ideas runing through my headabout them. i have recently thought about intention beads….ones that i have used my magic with for intention and manifestation. what a beautiful process i imagine. beginning with purposeful art/sigils, to mantras and written spells then moving on the the meditative process of measuring and then cutting out the beads and rolling and making the jewelry with the intention beads made for wearing for protection, intention, and manifestation. custom made or general. so so awesome! i have a wonderful process for spell work and offerings. i’m really quite excited.

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