the hiatus is over!

the last month has been quite a dozy. the holidays are a crazy mess for me. it is the time of year i usually dread, and this year was not any different. it is for that reason i have been absent from the blog. it was more than i could handle with the stress of the season. now that the season is over i am now back!! with feet firmly planted on the ground, the excited expectations of a new year i am ready to grow, to step out of the comfort zone and share all that i can.

this new year i started the #mandalamagic2017, a year long course with julie gibbons ( i have a girl crush on her, she is amazing!)

i am also participating in #spiritstyle with hannah marcotti (another woman i have a girl crush on for her amazing presence)

and in a couple of days i will begin a class dealing with plants….of course because i am already dreaming of the garden (thanks annie’s heirlooms for supporting my dream by sending my first seed catalog of the year!!)

i have found bullet journals (#bujo) while on hiatus and i am completely hooked! art, planner, journal all in one book?!? who knew? well lots of folks, i’m a little late to this bandwagon, but i am glad to finally jump on. i love to share pictures so this is your fair warning.

so the journey begins, i am excited for this fresh new year and hope to share many adventures and insights and pictures and passions.



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