Mandalas and the Great Round, the Void

Starting the new year with mandalas! i am taking the journey through the year of the great round, the archetypal stages/cycles of human growth. this month i explored the void, the resting in darkness. it is a time for rest, release, renewal, and healing. i found this stage to be very soothing, very comfortable. being in the void stage allowed me to be calm, to practice patience, to ground myself in my own being. the free form mandalas (and these here are only 2 of the many i made) were freeing. finding my rhythm, in a physical sense rather than drawing for the visual senses, was quite boundary breaking. round and round, swirling, circling. all motions that are so familiar, so basic and instinctual. the dark colors let my eyes rest, as if they were closed and i were dreaming. this month’s work left me feeling very surreal, peaceful, and calm.

Be still, be still, be still; rest in the arms of the great mother. (i found i was using this as a mantra through this month).

i also wrote a haiku:

silent and alone

floating, dreaming, peaceful rest

beginning again

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