Candle Making

there is always something going on here, yesterday it was candle making! over the course of internet life i have taken many on line classes and workshop, camps and retreats. i have sewn, painted, drawn, and glued many things in my day. one of the many adventures was making candles. i was inspired by a little blue bottle i had in a box of knic-knacs. i thought it would be perfect for a candle. the candle making diy project i had needed more than one little bottle, so after acquiring a few more i was gathering stuff to make candles.

this is a really easy craft but the mess can be quite…..well messy. beeswax can be hard to clean out of your containers and off your stirring utensils. having specific items for working with beeswax is a good idea. you can use your everyday items, but you will spend a little extra time cleaning. i suggest using glass and stainless steel.

melting the beeswax and red palm oil in a double boiler is the first step, preparing the wicks and mixing in essential oils round out the end of the project. once they have started melting together I dip the wicks in the wax to coat them then lay the straight  on parchment paper. candlemaking2crop

Once the wax and the oil are melted i added about 9 grams of essential oil (lavender and lemongrass). i also added a little bit of melted wax and oil to the bottom of the containers. i pushed the coated wicks into that with a skewer and held them up with a clothes pin.


and that’s about it. let them cool and harden. i did have to mind the wicks to keep them centered as they cooled.

candlemakingcrop                    candles5


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