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Poppet Making

One of the tools in magical herbalism is making a poppet. A poppet is a doll crafted as a representation of oneself (or someone else) that is being helped with your magic. Most poppets are made to speed healing, draw…

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9 Ways to Be Green and Grateful this Holiday

9 ways to keep the green in the holidays

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Following Passion

A few days ago my son was watching videos on YouTube and he had found one that showed how to make a small foundry. he was so impressed that he wanted to make one too! so He and josh gathered…

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Candle Making

there is always something going on here, yesterday it was candle making! over the course of internet life i have taken many on line classes and workshop, camps and retreats. i have sewn, painted, drawn, and glued many things in…

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Winter is still here

Living in Michigan the weather can be unpredictable. warm, rainy and windy in February and snow, freezing temperatures and ice in march. it is what it is. i’m ready for spring! the cold weather has made it easier to get…

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making pants, pushing the voice of perfect out

i am learning to live without perfectionism. it’s baggage that i was given a long time ago to carry. lately it has been my journey to release myself from the ideas/opinions of perfect and enjoy the process of creating with…

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