Unleash Your Light

I am SO excited to announce this new group!! Launching July 1, this is a membership group for women to start their healing process so they in turn can shine their unique light into the world and help it heal. I would love it if you can join me and this amazing group of women (when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING). Take a minute to join the Facebook group and meet the women who will be supporting and loving you through this awesome journey into healing.

Unleash Your Light

The world will be saved by Western Women. ~ The Dalai Lama


Join us for the launch event on Facebook on July 1. Come and meet the experts to see who will be your guidance and support on this journey of love and light.

By joining the membership circle, you will receive expert advice and coaching from a holistic perspective including:

>Life & Business Coaching (including live calls)
>Holistic Health Coaching (including weekly recipes and tips)
>Ayurvedic Beauty
>Yoga Sequences from a Certified Yoga Instructor
>Spiritual Coaching
>Essential Oil Education and Recipes for Essential Oil Blends
>Reiki healings and meditations from a Reiki Master
>Coaching and Empowerment meditations from an Empath Empowerment Coach
>Education from a Certified Massage Therapist
>Exclusive Discounts from all of our Experts
>Monthly themes and book studies to aid you on your journey.
>A community of like-minded women to support, empower, and encourage each other


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