Following Passion

A few days ago my son was watching videos on YouTube and he had found one that showed how to make a small foundry. he was so impressed that he wanted to make one too! so He and josh gathered the materials needed (my hair-dry, really?!?) and off they went. it took them a couple days to get it built because of concrete drying and crucible making (josh had to do that at work). last night they finally made it work and melted down a bagful of soda cans (those all natural organic sodas didn’t have the usual Michigan bottle return on it). at first it wasn’t working (something with using charcoal and a crucible that was slightly too big), but once the small crucible was here and Josh pulled out the coal they were in business.

unfortunately i did not have enough foresight to take pictures during the making of the foundry, BUT i did get a couple if pictures (i can’t post the video 😦 )

Ian was so happy to have made the foundry and the ‘metal corn’. i think we may have a metal worker on our hands! He has already tried out blacksmith-ing and loved it. I love that we are able to help our boys pursue their interests and passions. I’m not sure what Ian’s next project is going to be but i bet we will all have a great time helping him out!

2 thoughts on “Following Passion

  1. Wow! Great Job guys!! I bet he could sell the stuff he makes!


    1. i’m not sure what he even wants to make !


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