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Audiobook doodle

I’ve been listening to an audiobook in the morning. I like doodling while listening. Do you listen to audiobooks? When do you listen? What do you like to do while listening?

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The Blind Men & The Elephant with NG

a reading of the blind men and the elephant while doing NG

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Art Book Flip Thru

After finishing the workshop #thelayeredpage i thought i would show off my cute little art books.

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Book Lust

i am an avid reader, usually reading a pile of books at one time. thought i would share what i have in the pile at this moment. some are about done, some i am just starting, all have insight i…

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Starting anew 

The bojo/journal I started at the is almost full. It will soon be time to start another but before I do there is something that needs to be done with my recipes and such that can be found inside. For…

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My current read

I am finding this book very interesting.  The history of women from alternative sources (you won’t find this info in history class). Any one else read this?  What are your thoughts?  I’d love to chat about it!

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