Amber, piece of the past

  • Mohs- no info
  • charka – solar plexus, crown
  • energy – projective
  • planet – sun
  • sign – Leo, Aquarius
  • element – fire/Akasa
  • vibration – 3
  • family – organic
  • herbs
  • conditions – goiter, disease of the throat, kidney, bladder
Amber Beads

pine resin from the Oligocene period

thought to possess the power of life, the animating principle

associated with cycles and longevity

‘married’ to jet, god/goddess, sun/earth, projective/receptive forces of nature

can have electrical charge (like jet)

worn to enhance beauty and attract love

worn to attract friends and brings happiness

allows body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy to positive energy

assists in opening the crown chakra, helps with manifestation

stimulates intellect

Amber Beads

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