My Green Cauldron


Energy drawings

I’ve been diving deep lately. Really, soulfully deep. Thankfully I have been able to lean into my art making (this is new, the leaning in). While doing my inner work and my art work I submitted upon drawing my chakras….

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Amber, piece of the past

Mohs- no info charka – solar plexus, crown energy – projective planet – sun sign – Leo, Aquarius element – fire/Akasa vibration – 3 family – organic herbs conditions – goiter, disease of the throat, kidney, bladder pine resin from…

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Jet, nope not the plane

Jet is an organic material, fossilized wood/charcoal. it’s also known as witch’s amber and it helps the kundlini rise from the lower charkas to the upper ones. black in color and lightweight, it is a base chakra ‘stone’. Mohs –…

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Chakra Crystals

for each chakra more than one crystal is listed as being helpful. how do you choose which ones to use? i know that it will be a fine tuning for each person and each healing session. i am going to…

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