Jet, nope not the plane

Jet is an organic material, fossilized wood/charcoal. it’s also known as witch’s amber and it helps the kundlini rise from the lower charkas to the upper ones. black in color and lightweight, it is a base chakra ‘stone’.

  • Mohs – no info
  • chakra – base chakra
  • energy – receptive, protective
  • planet – Saturn
  • sign – Capricorn
  • element – Earth/Akasa
  • vibration – 8
  • family – organic
  • herbs – lavender, sage
  • Helps with migraines, epilepsy, glandular and lymphatic swelling, stomach pain, colds

This is the stone one of my son’s really resonates with. he picks this stone out at the store or at shows any time we are there.

it is good for gardeners, when worn while working on the garden it helps with plant growth.

it is also know to dispel evil thoughts, and is used to protect against nightmares (place under pillow, on night stand or it can be worn)

Jet is a calming agent and helps dissipates depression. It protects the wearer against illness and violence.

like amber, it can have electrical properties, or a charge… static electricity.

worn to maintain proper energy flow within body to avoid illness (with blue candle)

good for home protection

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