Day 19 Morning Mood Mandala

Day 19

My mood mandala is one of abundance, joy, divine love. The colors are ones I mixed a few days ago but they seemed to fit perfectly.

Red grounding moving into purple, the sign of wealth and royalty, to a indigo blue of the third eye.

All bubbling from a strong expanding foundation, burst of energy coming from the insides, form within, from my own inner energy.

Today’s message is a good one. Pentacles have been coming up a lot lately, the physical realm, this plane of existence…..craftsmanship, harvest, abundance.

It also comes with another message too, not to be envious of others harvest/abundance/winnings. I have been feeling a tad bit jealous of those achieving goals that are very similar to mine (I have somethings stopping me from pursuing those goals that involve money, time, family).

I have to remember to be patient, hone my skills, lean into my inner strength.

Abundance is waiting for me too.

My goals and dreams are not diminished in any way because others are obtaining theirs… matter how similar they are.

There is more than enough, I will flow with the divine ocean and look at things from a different point of view.

Abundance, Inner Strength, divine love

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