Imbolc : what if?

the what if aspect of this Imbolc project was a lot of fun to make. i liked using the soap to make bubbles, the unpredictable-ness was fun.

it is time for the energies to start stirring again, shifting from inward to outward. bubbling forth out of the well, overflowing, moving, dancing, laughing. now is the time to put all the work of the winter to good use. what was revealed? what should be released? where should you focus this new well of energy? what does this season hold?

now is the time to dream and plan for the upcoming year (the garden is calling my name). what plans are you making? have you set new goals? not those resolutions made in the middle of the dark winter, but what are you working toward this year with the wellspring of Imbolc energy, what are you growing? it doesn’t need to be a definite plan, it doesn’t have to be clearly in focus. this time of year is for the beginning of the plan taking place. the brain dump of all that could be this year. the time to dream all the dreams before the one path comes into focus.

this is about the overflowing of the well with ideas and plans and dreams. enjoying the rush of “what if?”

what if?

i have to admit that i really enjoy watching the videos of artists while they work, this is my attempt at that and hopefully show what the bubble painting process was for me.

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