Stability and Balance

One of the messages from my cards was “when the world shifts around you find stability in the present moment”. this statement really struck a cord with me and stayed in my head for days. it was also a remind to my yoga practice. i have been practicing yoga for many many years. it has helped me off the mat in so many ways (we can chat about it but we should set aside a block of time 😉 ). this quote made me think of Vrikshasana, tree pose. one think i have learned about balance poses is that I have to be there, in the moment, to be able to stand in the pose. i cannot let my mind wander anywhere or it doesn’t work…..sometimes, like a tree, i sway and bend (bringing my attention back to the moment). sometimes i am able to maintain, sometimes i don’t. but the reminder is to be in the moment, to be there with the pose, with yourself in the present.

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