the art continues

HI, Me, You, Peaches too!

well the tech gods are not blessing me this week! i was initially going to do a video but i could not for the life of me get the voice over recorder to work……nor did my regular voice recorder. i figure it was a sign, so i am here just adding some words and some pictures.

so that is what has been keeping me away from the computer. so much to do this time of year, so much creativity flowing. the energy is intense here.

i had recently watched a ‘workshop’ on coaching using Jung and some other perspectives….the one thing that i walked away from that set of videos was this…

A desire is the Divine wishing to express itself through you!

i wish i remembered, if you do let me know!

but here’s the thing (because i know what folks are thinking) it has to be done with spirituality, within a spiritual journey, the process of becoming a better person, dealing with you shadow, diving deeply inward. it is not just i desire this/that, it’s divine so i’m just gonna do it/take it any old way……that type of thinking is NOT some one on a spiritual journey.

these are the things i have been thinking about lately while i work on my art. oh….and i am dealing with some of those impostor syndrome feelings again. i think this comes about anytime i begin something brand new, enjoy and become good at. being good, does that mean i made it? does it really matter if i ‘made’ it? ugh…..down the rabbit hole i go!

i hope your day is great.

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