Working through it with art

I’ve been really liking the mindful art journaling. the hour or so i have to myself in the morning is the perfect time to do this. i have to admit that i am not very good about journaling although i can really see the benefit. adding the art in has been the key for me. going in with no ideas or thoughts to what will appear on the paper, i am quickly overcoming the ‘blank white page’ dilemma. i haven’t noticed any commonality between what i make only the medium that i am choosing, which lately has been pastels. the set i use is older than i am, found among my grandmother’s things. hardly used and the box in new condition, the pastels have been waiting to be used. i like using them a lot, from the blending, adding water to them, getting all messy in the process. both grown-up leslie and little leslie enjoy the process very much. (both hemispheres of the brain playing happily together).

i’ve ben really enjoying the light coming down the wireline and into the garden. fro the perpestive that i usually see it, the plants are back lit by the later afternoon sun. i could photograph this every evening and still not be able to capture the beauty of it in real life.

the garden is growing well and the harvest will be big. i have been using the flowers and greenery from around the place to make art. i like that i am using what is right here. gathering the plants is so soothing and is the beginning of the ritual of art for me. i’m not sure what i will do once winter comes!

i am still working on my second art book. what a learning process but i am happy with where i am at with it. another project that is good for both grown-up leslie and little leslie. lots of fun ‘testing’, splatter painting, who doesn’t love that!?! still have to make the decisions on the final prints for the book and i need to make some more paper. Hubby will be happy when all the paper making supplies are out of the garage. he’s been very patient with the whole thing.

keepin’ Peaches at bay


diving deep

with art

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