Townsend Park Visit

This past weekend, my fellas and i went for a walk at Townsend Park. it was a beautiful day and we had a fabulous time. As i tend to do on any walk you take with me i talked about plants, how to identify, usage, fun little facts, and new plant admiring. Well the fellas told me on this walk that they already know all the stuff i’m gonna say. i don’t have to keep telling them about the plan ts because they know. So i guess i need to dive a bit deeper and find new info (folklore, mythology maybe) for my fellas. the n maybe the walk talk won’t be so redundant to them. LOL!

4 Comments on “Townsend Park Visit

  1. What wonderful memories you are making for your young men. .. when they tell you they know what your are going to say… Have them tell it to you! Then ya can jump in with your further knowledge. Will you adopt me? You are so much fun!!

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    • get over here !! lol! my boys are getting to the age where i am not that cool anymore. or at least i am very familiar and there are more exciting things out there. and there is a lot more exciting things than me 😉


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