My Green Cauldron


Gouache and leaves

my first tutorial.
gouache and leaves

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Townsend Park Visit

pictures from our nature walk

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Inspiration, Tiny

tiny inspiration from nature

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Story of Flowers

Story of Flowers animation

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Yarrow (Achillia millefolium) millefolium means thousand leaved (Wood, 1997) (Buhner, 1998) Family: Asteraceae AKA: Woundwort Known to Romans as Herba militari (Wood, 1997) (Kynes, 2016) Solider’s wort (Wood, 1997) Carpenter’s weed (Wood, 1997) Milfoil, nosebleed (Tierra, 1998) (Kynes, 2016) Yarroway (Naegele, 1980) Noble Yarrow (Mercatante, 1976) Thousand Leaf (Mercatante,…

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Poppet Making

One of the tools in magical herbalism is making a poppet. A poppet is a doll crafted as a representation of oneself (or someone else) that is being helped with your magic. Most poppets are made to speed healing, draw…

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