My Green Cauldron


Art & more art

I’m still working with neurographics, still working through my class Honestly it had been a life saver lately. Here are a couple of the things I have drawn.

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Energy drawings

I’ve been diving deep lately. Really, soulfully deep. Thankfully I have been able to lean into my art making (this is new, the leaning in). While doing my inner work and my art work I submitted upon drawing my chakras….

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Rainbow Snail

Rainbow snail is here to save the day!

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Green to gold revisited

So I did another piece in the theme of green to gold. The changing of the seasons, the summer behind, the autumn upon us.

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Still with the colored pencils

Still trying to get a look I like with colored pencils I bought one of those paper blending thingys and it’s better but I have to practice light handed coloring to reduce visible lines.

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Colored pencils are…

Not my favorite medium. I am then to learn how to handle them more like a pro but I am still struggling with liking the look.

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