My Green Cauldron


Art & more art

I’m still working with neurographics, still working through my class Honestly it had been a life saver lately. Here are a couple of the things I have drawn.

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Healing art

Big things have by been happening here. Emotional shifts, energy changes, voices heard. What a ride! Up, down, up again. In the choas/upheaval, it is now time to begin the healing process. These are my very first itty-bitty baby steps…

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Rainbow Snail

Rainbow snail is here to save the day!

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Practice, Practice, Practice

I’ve been doing a lot of art during this pandemic. Even more so now the holiday season is here. It has been a great help since I am not a big fan of this time of year. You could take…

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Yin/yang, full moon, finding balance

Neurographic drawing of the yin/yang, finding balance with the energy of the full moon.

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