making pants, pushing the voice of perfect out

i am learning to live without perfectionism. it’s baggage that i was given a long time ago to carry. lately it has been my journey to release myself from the ideas/opinions of perfect and enjoy the process of creating with abandon. one of my latest creations is a pair of pants.

yup pants!

i have a favorite pair of pants that are falling apart. they were quite an expensive pair, hand made by ladies in the US with organic cotton……you get the picture. well they looked pretty simple to make but i didn’t have a pattern. then i had this crazy thought (for me it’s pretty wild), i don’t need a pattern proper, i have the pants. they are like wide leg yoga pants. i had some organic cotton lying around (yes, i know, i know but i did!) and decided to put it to use and try to make a pair. here’s how it went!


pants as a pattern


no pins needed


chalk outline


cut out


sewn waiting for waistband

i did use pins to hold the waistband onto the pants, just to make sure that the seams lined up. i never did put hems in the cuffs. the material is like t-shirt material and it doesn’t fray, it only rolls! awesome! these are now a pair of my favorite pants. (just a side note, i hand dyed these also!!)
this just wasn’t a one time thing either. i had enough fabric to make 2 pairs!! i dyed that fabric and used the same process to make the second pair. so much fun. i need to order more fabric now!!

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